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Card Payments

Card payments on this website are enabled by Stripe, a secure card payment gateway provider.

Their card processing fees are lower than other providers, which is great news for sellers joining our site.

Here is how selling on our platform compares to other sites. Comparison made Sept 2019:

Our site

Listing fee: free
Card processing Fee: 1.4% + 20p
Platform Fee: 2% + 10p


Listing fee: free
Card processing Fee: 3.4% + 20p
Platform Fee 10%


Listing fee: 16p +vat
Card processing Fee: 4% + 20p +vat
Platform Fee 5% +vat

So, if you sell an item for £10 (inc. p&p), this is what you would expect to receive:

Our site

Sells for £10
You get £9.36


Sells for £10
You get £8.46


Sells for £10
You get £8.48

How to accept card payments on this website with Stripe

To start accepting card payments from buyers right away, go to your account details page on this website and click the link to connect with Stripe. You will be taken to the Stripe website where you can select an existing Stripe acccount or create a new one.

When you create an account with Stripe, you become a customer of Stripe and you agree to their terms and conditions.

When a buyer on this website chooses to pay you by card, Stripe works in the background and handles the card data and the payment securely. This website does not see or store any of the financial information. A card processing and platform fee, as shown above, are deducted at the time a buyer makes a payment to you.

Stripe, like any other payment gateway provider, takes security seriously. To protect against fraud on its network, Stripe validates the details of new accounts. This could include identity verification.

You should be a reliable, motivated seller and provide a good buying experience if you are considering accepting card payments. Forgetting to post an item or listing an item for sale that you already sold elsewhere will mean you having to give refunds.

You should ideally post your items via a reputable courier and be able to obtain proof of postage such as a tracking number for each of the items you despatch.

At the time of writing, Stripe operates on a seven day rolling payout basis for UK sellers. You can log into the Stripe website and access your Stripe dashboard at any time to view your payments history and other details. See more information about the Stripe dashboard here.

If you need to refund a customer due to a problem with an item, you can easily do so via the Stripe dashboard. Stripe do not charge a fee to issue a refund, however fees deducted at the time of the original sale are not returned to you.

If your Stripe account has a negative balance due to you refunding a customer, Stripe simply deducts an amount from your primary funding source to cover it.

For more information visit the Stripe website and read the Stripe Connected Account Agreement before creating an account with Stripe and connecting our platform.