When selling locally can be the best option

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Local selling made easy with Buyanythinglocal.com

If you sell low value, second hand items or maybe bulky or heavy items, the additional cost of postage can make the final price too high for buyers searching for a bargain.

For these types of items, local selling becomes more favourable.

Sell your items locally for cash

If you are happy accepting cash on collection, we do not charge any listing fees or final value fees either.

That means when you sell something for cash, one hundred percent of that money is yours!

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You may like to sell many items at the same time, and if you do, this website makes it extremely easy to manage all the items you have for sale.

-change a price, alter a description or upload a new image.

- keep track of the progress of each sale, whether you are agreeing a collection time with a buyer, waiting for a buyer to collect or confirming/canceling a sale.

- pause any listing at any time.

- share a link to any of your items for sale or to your selling page.

If you share your selling page link in Facebook groups or anywhere else, people will see all your items with just one click.

Easy for the right buyers to find your items

Buyers can browse items by nearest first, cheapest first, or newly listed. Buyers can also search for items by name if there is something specific they are looking for.

To futher help buyers find what you are selling, you can add a list of relevant tag words to each item.

These are searchable words that do not already appear in the title of your item.

If you have tried selling to local buyers on Facebook, no doubt you have been asked the same question over and over, which is, "Where are you?"

Well, on our website buyers can view a street map showing the area in which you live. This means buyers can judge for themselves whether they are close enough to collect or not.

local map

Helpful map shows buyers whereabouts they will need to collect from

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