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You will need to be a reliable UK seller who provides a good service if you want to accept card payments.

Ideally you should use a reputable courier and obtain a tracking number for each of the items you sell.

Unlimited free listings

We do not charge listing fees and if you sell many items at the same time, this website makes it super easy to manage all the items you have for sale.

You can update your items whenever you need to, such as to change a price, alter a description or upload a new image.

You can pause a listing at any time, which is useful if you are away for a few days.

Easy for the right buyers to find your items

Buyers can browse items by cheapest first or newly listed. Buyers can also search for items by name if there is something specific they are looking for.

To futher help buyers find what you are selling, you can add a list of relevant tag words to each item. These are searchable words which do not already appear in the title of your item.

You can share a link to any of your items and you can also share a direct link to your selling page.

When you share your selling page link in Facebook groups or anywhere else, people will see all the items you have for sale with just one click.

Card Payments

Card payments on this website are enabled by Stripe, a secure card payment gateway provider.

Stripe's card processing fees are low, which is great news for sellers joining our site.

We compared our marketplace to other selling sites and here is what we found :

Our site

Listing fee: free
Card processing Fee: 1.4% + 20p
Platform Fee: 2% + 10p


Listing fee: free
Card processing Fee: 3.4% + 20p
Platform Fee 10%


Listing fee: 16p +vat
Card processing Fee: 4% + 20p +vat
Platform Fee 5% +vat

So, sell an item for £10 (inc. p&p) and this is what you would expect to receive:

Our site

Sells for £10
You get £9.36


Sells for £10
You get £8.46


Sells for £10
You get £8.48

How to enable card payments with Stripe

It is quick and easy. From your account details page on this website, there is a link where you can connect your existing Stripe account to this website or create a free Stripe account first. You will be able to accept card payments as soon as you are connected. Click here for more details about using Stripe to accept card payments.

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