Sell your second hand baby clothes for cash

Babies grow fast leaving behind a fair amount of outgrown baby clothes and a range of other items never to be used again.

Used baby accessories such as a baby walker, a pram or a baby changing station will still be as good as new, but no longer needed.

Toys made for specific age groups can still be in good condition too when your child gets bored of them.

If you have cupboards full of toys or outgrown baby clothes stuffed at the back of every drawer, it's time to sell!

pile of baby clothes

Outgrown baby clothes can still be in great condition.

Make a list of items your kids no longer need

It may not matter if your used childrens stuff is not quite as good as new, you can still make money selling it second hand, so don't throw anything away yet!

Get together everything you don't need and separate the good condition items from the not so good. Create another pile of items to throw away such as marked clothes or toys that are broken or that have too many missing pieces to be playable.

Grading your items by separating them based on their condition will help put into perspective the price you should sell each item for.

With second hand baby clothes, things like coats, shoes or designer pieces, can usually be sold individually, whereas standard items like leggings, tops or sleepsuits would be better sold as a bundle. £5 or £10 baby clothes bundles can sell fast and bundling up clothes is a great way to create some space quickly.

Second hand toys can be easier to price. Search the internet to see what price other people have sold their items for and do the same. For toys not in perfect condition, reduce the price for a quick sale.

A fiver here and a couple of quid there soon add up when selling lots of items at the same time and if you are selling for cash on collection, it is easy work since all you need to do is wait for the buyer to collect.

Whether you have new or preloved baby items to sell, it is really easy (and free) to list them here on

Sell to local buyers for cash on collection and/or accept card payments and post to buyers in the UK. There are no fees to list your items and we take no commission either when you sell for cash, so the money you make is all yours.

Create an account on Buyanythinglocal and you can start listing all the things you want to sell right away. Once listed, they can be shared to Facebook groups, Twitter or anywhere else where you want people to see your items.

Create an account or login and create as many free ads as you need

image preview on facebook

How an item appears on Facebook after sharing its Buyanythinglocal link

Best way to sell your new or second hand baby clothes and other children's stuff online

What matters most when selling online is that you put enough effort into your adverts. People glance once before moving onto the next advert, so you want yours to appeal before they click away.

Have an Effective Title

The first thing buyers see, and what they search for, is the title of your item for sale. If the title includes relevant differentiating factors such as colour, gender, name or brand, your item may match more searches.

For example, to sell a pram, rather than simply using 'Pram' as the title, something like 'Pink Silver Cross pram' would be much better. Someone searching for 'pink pram' or 'silver cross pram' would see this before other prams.

Describe it Well

Describe what you are selling in detail to reassure the buyer they are making an informed decision. Include the size or dimensions, age range or other relevant specifications. It is important the buyer knows what they are agreeing to buy.

Add Search Words

When you list an item for sale on Buyanythinglocal, you can also add a list of your own 'search words'. These are other words you think will help buyers find your item, words that don't already appear in your title. Using the example above, the word 'pushchair' is a good word to help people find your pram and maybe also the words 'baby girl', since the pram is pink.

Set a Realistic Price

When selling second hand, always remember, you are selling clothes that your baby or toddler has outgrown or toys that are no longer played with. They are of no use any more and they need to go. You can use the space for other things.

Be realistic with the price you set. It needs to be tempting to buyers, they are buying something used after all.