An increasing pile of baby clothes or children's toys?

Babies grow fast leaving behind a fair amount of outgrown baby clothes, sleep suits, bibs, bottle sterilisers and a whole range of other hardly used items.

That list could include baby walkers, prams and pushchairs or other expensive items where the condition is still as good as new.

Baby toys / children's toys are aimed at different ages, so as they get older, all kids will have things they don't use with anymore.

Storage boxes full of toys can seem to multiply if not kept in check!

Babies grow fast and outgrown clothing can still be in great condition.

Buyers are paying cash for clothes and toys

People are searching for bargain clothes and cheap toys, so if your old stuff is still as good as new, sell it second hand rather than throwing it all out.

The online market for buying and selling new and second hand baby and children's clothes and toys keeps growing. In the last 12 months, the number of average monthly online searches in the UK for the words Baby Toys and Toys For Kids was over 48,000 combined. Add to that all the other high volume search terms such as Toys for Girls or Toys for Boys.

Whether you want to sell brand new, hand made or second hand items, it is really easy (and free) to list them here on

When you advertise your items for sale on Buyanythinglocal, they are available to local buyers paying cash on collection. There are no fees for using this website, it's a free selling site, unlike some other sites, so the money you make selling is all yours.

Create an account on Buyanythinglocal and you can start listing all the things you want to sell right away. Once listed, they can be shared to Facebook groups, Twitter or anywhere else where you want people to see them.

Links you've shared to social media will display the title, the price and a partial description along with the item's main photo. Buyers can click the picture and be taken to your item page where they can read more about it or choose to buy it.

Create an account or login and create as many free ads as you need

How an item appears on Facebook after sharing its Buyanythinglocal link

Best way to sell items for baby & child

Whether brand new or second hand/preloved, what matters most when you sell your items online for baby or child is that you put enough thought into your adverts. People evaluate what you are selling at a glance and decide if it is going to be perfect for their child. They might compare your item with a similar item someone else is selling, so convince them yours is best.

Have an Effective Title

The first thing buyers see, and indeed what they search for, is the title of your item for sale. If the title includes relevant differentiating factors such as colour, gender, name or brand, your item may match more searches. For example, if you are selling a pram, don't just use 'Pram' as the title. Something like 'Pink Silver Cross pram' would be much better. Then, when someone searches for 'pink pram' or 'silver cross pram', your item appears before other prams that don't mention the word 'pink' or 'silver cross'.

Describe it Well

Go into detail when describing the item you are selling, reassure the buyer they are making an informed decision. If applicable, include the size or dimensions, age range or other relevant specifications. If selling second hand, describe the condition of the item and don't shy away from mentioning defects such as dents, discolouration or other signs of wear. It is important the buyer knows everything about what it is they are agreeing to buy.

Add Search Words

When you list an item for sale on Buyanythinglocal, you can also add a list of your own 'search words'. These are other words you think will help buyers find your item, words that don't already appear in your title. Using the example above, the word 'pushchair' is a good word to help people find your pram and maybe also the word 'girl', since the pram is pink. Adding the category of the item as a search word can usually help too, but in this case the category would be 'prams' and since that word is already in the title, it is not required in this example.

Set a Realistic Price

When selling second hand, always remember, you are selling clothes that your child has outgrown or toys that are no longer played with. They are of no use any more and they need to go. You can use the space for other things. The price needs to be tempting to buyers, they are buying something used after all. Like the Paw Patrol Loookout Tower for £80, a quick search on the internet shows a lot of people have sold this toy second hand for only £35. Still, getting £35 cash back meant the toy only cost the seller £45 for the pleasure of using it from new. That is far more desirable than not selling it and so getting any cash back after it's finished with.