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There are plenty of selling sites to list your items for sale and each site offers a different selling experience. Your idea of the best place to sell online might be down to a specific niche, the appearance of the website, ease of use or even the cost of the fees to list and sell an item.

Our selling site makes it easy to sell your items locally for cash or nationally, accepting card payments before you post items to your buyers.

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Sell items locally free on

Local selling is more favourable if you are selling low value bulky or heavy items if the cost of postage will make the final price too high for buyers looking for a quick bargain.

Join as a seller and you can sell items locally free on this website when the buyer collects from you and pays cash.

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Post your items to buyers anywhere in the UK

If you wish to post your items to buyers when you sell on our website, you can turn on card payments so buyers can pay upfront, securely using their debit or credit card. Our website has lower fees to receive card payments than other selling sites.

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Unlimited free listings

Some selling sites place a limit on the number of free listings you can have at any one time with an option of paying a subscription to list unlimited items. There is no limit on our site and there are no subscriptions to pay.

Private sellers and business sellers

If you are a private seller your only obligations to a buyer are that what you say in your advert is true and if you post an item it must arrive safely. If you are a business seller there are further regulations and information you must display to a buyer before a sale can be made online. If you are a business seller, our website helps you display all the required information.

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