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Party event planning, entertainment, facepainting, princess visits and other characters/mascots. Softplay, bouncy castles, sports, dance classes and exercise. Educational services, fun sessions, childcare and child minding. Kids markets and baby fayres, family days out, photography, yoga, hair and make-up treatments, regional franchisees

If you provide services for children or for parents, apply for free local advertising.

Extend your audience

Every person who joins our site to sell children's items will attract more visitors from the same area looking to buy. These people are parents and are all potential customers for your business too.

We need sellers in your area, so we are reaching out to relevant businesses who are active on social media. We would love to present your business to everybody in your area who visits our website, simply in exchange for occasional mentions, retweets, link shares, that kind of thing.

The goal is to create a new audience of people in your area, seeded from your existing followers, which will start to grow on its own. Your business will be shown to all of these people, every time they visit to see items for sale in your area.

If you are the owner of a business with regional franchisees or offices, they could each have their own free advert. For sharing our link with their own followers, the advertising they receive in return is good for your brand recognition. Targeted, regional adverts mean they attract customers from a new local audience.

If your business is a good fit for the audience of our website, then your audience may be interested in hearing about us too.

So if you are active on social media and can encourage people to join by sharing our link, get in touch and tell us a little bit about your business.

We will look at your details and once confirmed we will create your advert on our site that's always visible to everyone in your local area.

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