Second Hand Furniture and Homeware

For some people, the thought of second hand furniture may conjure up images of worn out sofas, old, creaky wardrobes or wooden chairs with flaking paint.

If you feel the same way, you might be surprised to know that 'second hand furniture' is number two in the list of the most popular 'second hand' searches performed on Google.

It beats searches for 'second hand phones' and 'second hand clothes'. The demand for second hand furniture is huge.

second hand sofa

Since restyling a home is a lot cheaper than it used to be, people tend to refresh their living spaces more often. This means a lot of great quality, second hand bargains can be found.

Size Doesn't Matter

Large furniture for sale such as second hand sofas, beds or wardrobes may show some signs of wear, but that is to be expected since nobody buys an expensive item for short time use.

For a quick sale, furniture can often be found at bargain prices when a seller needs to quickly make room for the replacement item.

For small homeware items such as light shades, kitchen clocks, bathroom mirrors and wall art to sell fast, they have to be in excellent condition and be for sale at a really low price.

These items will attract buyers shopping on a budget, who are looking for a few second hand items to add the finishing touches to a room.

Selling your second hand furniture

Selling locally is the only way to go with second hand furniture or delicate homeware. Posting furniture is definitely a hassle and the costs are probably more that it's worth. Second hand furniture shops may be interested in your items, but they will want to buy at a very low price, so they can make a profit when selling the furniture on.

You can advertise your furniture or homeware items on our website to local buyers who will pay cash when they collect the item from you. There are no fees for using our website, so whatever you sell locally, the cash you make is all yours.

Create an account on Buyanythinglocal and you can start selling your second hand furniture and other items right away. Once your items are listed, you can share their links to Facebook groups, Twitter or anywhere else where you want people to see what you are selling.

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